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                      MKY7875 vertical spindle digital parallel surface planogrinder

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                      MKY7875 CNC vertical shaft, double ended grinding machines are specially made for manufacturing industries like piston rings, bearings, hydraulic parts, spare-parts for internal-combustion engines and automobiles, Both planes in parallel conduct processing of precision grinding for metal and non-metal parts of various outline forms, mainly covering high-precision piston rings, bearing rings, valve seats, various valve plates, brake discs and blades, etc. 

                      This machine adopts vertical gantry structure, with its upper and lower grinding heads installed on the same centre line, and reliable stiffness and thermal stability.

                      Servo control system is adopted for the feeding mechanism of its upper and lower grinding heads, thus ensuing the min feeding 0.001mm of grinding wheel, consumption compensation and dressing compensation for the grinding wheel.

                      AC frequency conversion with stepless feeding speed control is adopted for the main shaft of the grinding head, which will meet requirements for various grinding processes.

                      Disc feeding is adopted for workpiece feeding device, with frequency conversion with stepless feeding speed control for the feeding speed. Hinge structure is adopted for feeding device and the column, which will achieve flexible opening and convenient replacement of grinding wheel.

                      Cooling system of constant temperature and fog collecting device are available with magnetic separator and paper-tape filter.

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